Andrew Pollak Gives Emotional Speech At RNC: “I Learned That Gun Control Laws Didn’t Fail My Daughter, People Did”

Father of the late Parkland shooting victim, Andrew Pollack, gave a powerful and emotional speech during the RNC.

“After my daughter’s murder, the media didn’t seem interested in the facts, so I found them myself,” Pollack said.

“I learned that gun control laws didn’t fail my daughter, people did,” he added.

Pollack explained “The gunman had threatened to kill his classmates before.”

“He had threatened to rape them. He had threatened to shoot up the school. Every red flag you could imagine, but the school didn’t just miss these red flags, they knowingly ignored them.”

Pollak then blamed a program called “restorative justice” that aims to arrest only as a last resort. He suggested that Joe Biden has supported this in the past.

“This policy which really just blames teachers for student’s failures puts kids and teachers at risk and makes shootings more likely, but it was built as a pioneering approach to discipline and safety,” he explained.

“I was just fine with the old approach of discipline and safety. It was called ‘discipline and safety,’ but the Obama-Biden administration took Parkland’s bad policies and forced them into schools across America,” Pollack added.

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