Angel Mom Trump Supporter Featured In New Film That Sheds Light On Illegal Immigration

Sabine Durden, an angel mom who supports President Donald Trump and spoke at the 2016 RNC convention is featured in a new film titled “America’s Forgotten” that sheds light on some of the harsher aspects of illegal immigration.

Filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral says she’s concerned her expose will get her blackballed in Hollywood and the film even includes the disclaimer “due to the possible political backlash all credits have been voluntarily withheld by the crew of this film.”

One scene in the trailer features Joe Biden raising his hand when the DNC debate moderator asks “raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.”

The film is set to be released Friday, October 16th on vimeo and on the the film’s website.

Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was tragically killed by an illegal immigrant who struck him while he was driving a motorcycle, discussed her experience working on the film.

“When I received my first call from Democrat filmmaker and Hollywood producer Namrata Singh Gujral beginning of 2020, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be part of this movie/ Documentary after she told me it would also involve, amongst others, the story of an illegal woman that now lives in Los Angeles,” she said.

“She was persistent and even though I informed her that I would not travel during Covid 19 and gave her names of other angel parents closer to her in Los Angeles, she wouldn’t take NO for an answer. She wanted to tell Dominic’s life and story after she researched him and all I have been doing since his death 7-12-2012,” Durden continued.

Durden explained “The more we talked, the more her vision became clear to me and she was open to my take and experience with illegal immigration and the brutal cost of it. Namrata was willing to keep an open mind and changed her previous opinion about illegal immigration. We became friends that trust each other and Namrata honored my request to NOT call them ‘ undocumented immigrants’ because that term is insulting to all of us immigrants who follow the law and stand in line to earn the right to be here in America LEGALLY. She filmed in Moreno Valley, California, where Dominic and I lived, his school, where he volunteered and worked and where he sadly died.”

“This film will not just wake you up, Inform you with truth and show real lives affected, but it will make you cry and angry because afterwards it will have you wonder how this could have happened, still happens and how it could affect your family in many ways at any given moment,” Durden added.

The Angel mom also vowed “Dominic will NEVER be forgotten, his legacy and life well-lived, will continue to be shared, talked about and hopefully bring change.”

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