HILARIOUS: Watch What Happens When The Weather Channel Tries To Go Live From Georgia Dome Explosion

A little more than 25 years after opening, the Georgia Dome, former home of the Atlanta Falcons was imploded in a scheduled and controlled explosive demolition.

Several news outlets were broadcasting the Georgia Dome’s implosion. The Weather Channel also had a team at the scene pointing their camera at the long waited moment of the detonation.

After several weeks spent hyping the scheduled explosion that will level the abandoned stadium, the network was able to broadcast more than 40 minutes of live footage from just outside the Georgia Dome.

Standing at a safe distance from the explosion with the camera pointed at the stadium, the team was ready to film this historical moment.

Unfortunately, just moments after the first curls of smoke wafted through the Georgia Dome’s ceiling from the explosions inside, the Weather Channel’s coverage was ‘rudely interrupted’.

Watch it bellow in the video, and be sure to turn up the volume for the full experience:

via Duston Ward

After 40 minutes of uninterrupted live-streaming, the Atlanta’s public transportation system destroyed everything for them at the ‘perfect moment’.

No, bus, get out the way! Bus! Jesus, get out of the way, bus! Are you…you… ARRGHHH. What the f-…God damn it. Damn, lady!‘ screamed the cameraman.

The blast occurred just after 7:30 a.m. ET and it lasted for about 12-15 seconds, most of the structure collapsed, though parts of it remained upright.

And if you want to watch the historic 25-year-old Georgia Dome stadium crumble to the ground after being detonated with almost 5,000 pounds of dynamite, here is a video link from another angle.

The massive Georgia Dome had been in operation since 1992 and it provided a scene for many historic sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics and the NCCA Men’s Final Four.

In it’s short life span, the Georgia Dome hosted more than 1,400 events, bringing in about 39 million guests. It’s been the home of the Atlanta Falcons, Georgia State University football, the annual Peach Bowl and the Southeastern Conference Football Championship. The Dome was temporarily the home court for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in the late 1990s while nearby Philips Arena was being built.

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