Dem Lawmaker Demands Trump To Be Suspended From Twitter “Until All Votes Are Counted”

In his pinned tweet Democrat lawmaker David Cicilline is calling for President Donald Trump to be suspended from Twitter “until all the votes are counted.”

Cicilline tweeted “Right now, the President’s Twitter account is posting lies and misinformation at a breathtaking clip.”

“It is a threat to our democracy and should be suspended until all the votes are counted,” he added.

David Cicilline also posted another tweet, arguing that President Trump will be “a one-term President.”

“Good evening. Just wanted to let you know that Donald Trump will soon be a one-term president.”

Many Democrats also blasted President Trump for his post on social media.

Latino UFC Star Explains Why He Supports Trump – “I’m speaking from my heart for those who can’t speak”

Latino UFC star and first “BMF” belt holder Jorge Masvidal appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham where he vowed that the “mob” would not stop him from supporting President Donald Trump.

“I stand to lose a lot, but I’m not going to be intimidated by no mob…I don’t care,” Masvidal said.

“I’m speaking from my heart for those who can’t speak like my father like my aunt who escaped communist Cuba.”

Masvidal recently took to Twitter to blast Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris over her video she narrated about “equality and equity.”

“This is right out of the Cuban communist manifesto” Jorge Masvidal wrote.

Kamala Harris shared the video captioned “There’s a big difference between equality and equity.”

Joy Behar Insults POTUS, Tells Dr. Fauci To Quit & “Become Media Darling at CNN & MSNBC”

“You don’t see Biden people doing that,” said “The View’s” co-host Joy Behar of Trump supporters following a Biden bus in Texas.

“Biden’s people, the protesters are tear-gassed as a matter of fact and these agitators are praised and then made up stories about that they were protecting the bus,” she said.

The conversation turned to a crowd at a Trump rally chanting “Fire Fauci.” “First off, these people chant more than a swami I used to date,” Behar said.

“Here’s the thing with Fauci and the tone-deafness and stupidity of Trump.”

“Number one, I was a civil servant, OK. You can’t fire a civil servant so easily. It’s impossible,” she said.

“But I would say he would be doing Fauci a favor if he could fire him,” she started.

“Fauci needs to quit,” she said.

“Get off of Trump’s bandwagon all together and go on television and become the media darling at CNN, MSNBC, and I bet they’ll put you on at Fox,” she said.

“We’re in for a whole lot of hurt,” Dr. Fauci said in a recent interview.

“It’s not a good situation.”

“All the stars are aligned in the wrong place as you go into the fall and winter season, with people congregating at home indoors. You could not possibly be positioned more poorly,” he said.

“They Helped Create This” – Wisconsin Gov. Blames Trump & Republicans Top To Bottom For COVID Crisis

Dem Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers blamed Republicans, from top to bottom, for the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Evers attacked the President directly during Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” adding that local Republican leaders also bore some responsibility for the surge in cases in Wisconsin.

Anchor Jake Tapper noted the fact that President Trump was planning to return to Wisconsin Sunday evening even as case numbers and hospitalizations in the state were ticking higher.

“You saw a record high new coronavirus cases this week. I want you to take a listen to what President Trump said on Friday when he was in Wisconsin,” Tapper said, playing a clip of Trump calling for the governor to “open up” the state.

“Governor Evers, what is your response to the president?”

“Well, my response is we are in the middle of a pandemic,” Evers replied, saying that Trump was muddying the waters when he claimed that doctors were inflating their COVID-19 numbers in order to get more money from the government.

“Honest to God, it’s just breathtaking. We are in a very difficult situation here and we should be pulling together instead of pushing apart and that is frankly why I believe Joe Biden is going to win,” Evers continued. “The Republicans at the state level, they push back on everything that I’ve tried to do and we have a president that believes that the doctors are at fault, they are messing with the numbers.”

Evers went on to say that Trump’s continued claims that the United States had turned the corner were not helpful either.

We have hospitalizations going through the roof. We had to open up an alternative care facility. So whether it’s local Republicans or leadership at the top, they helped create this and we need their help,” Evers explained. “We absolutely need somebody that understands that this is an issue and it’s a thing, people are dying. We need to have that conversation right from the top.”

Evers concluded by saying that he was not revisiting the idea of more lockdowns, adding that the important things were to stress wearing masks and social distancing — and he claimed that the primary reason people in Wisconsin were not taking some of those measures was that they were listening to Donald Trump.

Supporter Claims Trump Will Get More Black Votes “Than Any Other Republican In History”

In a video shared by Dan Scavino, a black Trump supporter says he supports Trump because the Democrat party “has done nothing for the inner city.”

Later in the interview, the gentleman predicts that President Trump will get more “African American votes than any other Republican in history.”

The Trump campaign sees young Black men as a potential soft spot in Biden’s coalition, while Democrats are scrambling to keep them in the fold.

President Trump’s long history as a media figure has made him familiar to many Black men, said Terrence K. Williams, a sometimes inflammatory comedian who is a longtime Trump supporter.

“People don’t realize that before President Trump became president, the Black community loved President Trump,” said Williams, who is Black. “You would hear his name in rap songs. He used to hang with 50 Cent and Puff Daddy and all these guys. Everybody wanted to be like President Trump, because he was a successful businessman.”

Trump supporters argue that a vote for Biden is just another vote for a Democrat who talks grandly of helping the Black community but fails to deliver. President Trump orchestrated a sizable rise in Black employment, though that glosses over the coronavirus pandemic’s disproportionate toll on minority communities.

Melania “While The Left Choose To Focus Only On The Negative, We’ve Chosen To Focus On The American People & The Future”

During an appearance Saturday, First Lady Melania Trump said “while journalists who have now become the political propaganda tool of swamp politicians and the left choose to focus only on the negative, we have chosen to focus on the American people and the future.”

The first lady also praised her husband’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, speaking at a “Make America Great Again” rally in Wisconsin in support of President Donald Trump’s bid for re-election.

“This administration has worked tirelessly to support families and people struggling financially during this pandemic while Democrats in Congress refuse to sign another stimulus package,” first lady Melania0 said to a crowd of about 250 in West Bend, north of Milwaukee.

“Such selfish, politically corrupt decisions are what separate the swamp politicians from President Trump and his administration.”

She contrasted former Vice President Joe Biden’s comments that this will be a “dark winter” with her husband’s continued push forward, saying Biden wants the U.S. to operate out of fear. She also accused the media, Democrats and Biden of attacking the president and his administration.

“We have made great progress in our fight against COVID-19,” the first lady said. “I watched Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe.”

“Sleepy” & “Dinosaur” – Luntz Asks Trump Supporters To Describe Biden In 1 Word

At a Trump rally, pollster Frank Luntz asked a group to describe Trump, then Biden in one word.

For President Trump some said “Leader” and “Awesome.”

For Joe Biden many said “Sleepy” and one said “Dinosaur.”

“This is a group of 19-year-old first-time voters who are supporting Trump,” he posted in another tweet.

“They say they can’t understand why more young people don’t do the same.”

“This gentleman says his son was in the military,” Luntz posted in another tweet.

“He got teary-eyed when explaining why he supports Trump: “He looks out for the troops.””

Trump Rips Keith Ellison Over Rally Restrictions, Says He Didn’t Apply Them To Protesters

Friday, President Donald Trump blasted Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, arguing that he didn’t apply rally restrictions he applied to the Trump campaign to protesters after George Floyd’s death.

Trump said “Your far-left Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison and your Democrat Governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota, and take away your freedom and your rights.”

The Presidentalso argued “When rioters and vandals sacked the city of Minneapolis earlier this year, Keith Ellison did not ask them to submit a permit, he told the throngs of violent demonstrators, “by all means, exercise your first Amendment rights.”

Appearing on CNN, Keith Ellison responded to Trump’s scathing criticism.

“We did not shut down their rally,” Ellison said about President Trump’s criticism of Dems limiting the capacity at his rally.

“All we’re trying to do is protect people from a deadly virus that has taken the lives of about 2,400 Minnesotans and about 230,000 Americans,” he added.

“Your political influence is non existent” – Kathy Griffin Trashes NFL Legend Brett Favre After He Endorsed Trump

Friday morning NFL legend Brett Favre made his support for President Trump clear.

Favre tweeted “My Vote is for what makes this country great, freedom of speech & religion, 2nd Amnd, hard working tax paying citizens, police & military.”

He added a note to potential critics, writing “In this election, we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. For me & these principles, my Vote is for @RealDonaldTrump.”

Anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin didn’t wait long to fire back at the NFL legend.

“Your political influence is non existent,” she posted on Twitter.

But not everyone was impressed with Kathy’s unprovoked attack on Favre.

Twitter users fired back “Kathy your career is non-existent” as well as “who are you?” and “so is yours.”

Griffin tweeted Thursday “Driving around LA today and seeing lots of businesses boarding up. Are you guys seeing the same in your area? Anticipating protests?”

Lifelong Democrat And Flint City Council Member Endorses President Trump

Lifelong Democrat and council member in Flint City, Michigan Maurice Davis endorsed President Trump, gaining the attention of the president.

During a rally at Flint Bishop Airport, Flint City Council member Maurice Davis got to speak before Vice President Mike Pence, giving his full endorsement to Trump and criticizing the Democratic party, NBC 25 News reported. Davis said he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but says he will now vote for Trump.

“Right now the narrative has been spent, President Trump is full of hate. Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate. I have been a democrat all my life, 64 years. The last four years I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year I decided to go with President Trump,” Davis said.

“I am not a bootlicker, I am not an Uncle Tom,” Davis continued.

Trump tweeted out a video of Davis’s speech Thursday morning, saying “THANK YOU!”

Pence also thanked Davis for the endorsement on stage, saying “Vice president of the City Council in Flint. Where are you, Maurice? Let’s hear it for Maurice. I’m partial to vice presidents. Thank you, Maurice.”

Pence continued: “And thank you all for being here today. And it really is amazing. It really is amazing to think about all that we’ve accomplished.”

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