Supporter Claims Trump Will Get More Black Votes “Than Any Other Republican In History”

In a video shared by Dan Scavino, a black Trump supporter says he supports Trump because the Democrat party “has done nothing for the inner city.”

Later in the interview, the gentleman predicts that President Trump will get more “African American votes than any other Republican in history.”

The Trump campaign sees young Black men as a potential soft spot in Biden’s coalition, while Democrats are scrambling to keep them in the fold.

President Trump’s long history as a media figure has made him familiar to many Black men, said Terrence K. Williams, a sometimes inflammatory comedian who is a longtime Trump supporter.

“People don’t realize that before President Trump became president, the Black community loved President Trump,” said Williams, who is Black. “You would hear his name in rap songs. He used to hang with 50 Cent and Puff Daddy and all these guys. Everybody wanted to be like President Trump, because he was a successful businessman.”

Trump supporters argue that a vote for Biden is just another vote for a Democrat who talks grandly of helping the Black community but fails to deliver. President Trump orchestrated a sizable rise in Black employment, though that glosses over the coronavirus pandemic’s disproportionate toll on minority communities.

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