Barbra Streisand “To People Who Are Voting, Get With Reality. Stop This Maniac”

Wednesday, Hollywood actress Barbra Streisand took to social media and blasted President Trump, claiming that the President will refuse to leave the Office if he lost the election.

Streisand shared an article from The Independent and wrote “Trump is now threatening to not concede if he loses to Joe Biden. He will not rest until he has a dictatorship.”

Friday, Streisand continued to attack President Trump in a series of tweets.

Streisand wrote “Do we want to have a President who deals with the reality of climate change, who favors clean air and water, and embraces the jobs of the future in renewable energy? Or does the country really want Donald Trump who doesn’t deal with reality at all, like Covid-19?”

She then tweeted “We need reality now!

“The reality is that Trump is responsible for being dishonest about COVID-19 and causing thousands of deaths,” Streisand continued.

“The reality is people are having to move because of climate change. We’re having fires and storms and hurricanes that are destroying peoples lives!”

Streisand added “The reality is Trump is trying to get rid of Obamacare that gives insurance to millions of people in their time of need. To people who are voting… get real, get with reality. Stop this maniac!”

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