Benghazi Hero & SEAL That Killed Bin Laden Blast “Traitor” Vindman: “Disgrace To All Who Have Served”

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a Soviet-born US Army officer of Ukrainian descent, is being blasted by military veterans, who say he is a “traitor” and a “disgrace” to his uniform.

U.S. Marine and Benghazi hero Mark Geist slammed Vindman for suggesting that HE sets U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine. For the record, the President sets foreign policy, not some mid-level military grunt.

Anyone in the military knows that there is a chain of command, and the the President sits at the top. It was that way under Barack Obama, and it’s the same way under Donald Trump.

“Vindman is a disgrace to all who have served. [In] transcript of his previous closed-door testimony, he clearly admits to undermining President Trump’s foreign policy and now he has [Adam] Schiff advising him on how to answer questions,” tweeted Geist.

He also used the Twitter hashtags: “treason,” “traitor,” “POS,” and “conduct unbecoming.”

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, the hero who killed Osama bin Laden, also slammed Alexander Vindman, saying he is a left-wing political “operative with an agenda.”

Mark Geist and Rob O’Neill were reacting to Alexander Vindman’s testimony yesterday during the Democrats impeachment hearing.

During his testimony, Vindman rebuked his commander-in-chief by saying that he interpreted Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president as a “demand” to investigate Joe Biden’s corrupt self-dealings.

Vindman’s direct boss, Tim Morrison, testified just shortly afterward that Vindman was wrong. Morrison oversaw Russia and Europe policy on the National Security Council before his recent resignation.

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