Bernie Sanders Makes a FAKE Phone Call to Avoid Reporter’s Question On Fairfax Accuser

Socialist hero Bernie Sanders just took his awkwardness to a new level again. He pretended to take a phone call to avoid the reporters questions.

When a reporter tried to ask Sanders for a comment on Virginia’s Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax’s supposed sexual misconduct, he immediately pulled out his phone and acted like he is talking to somebody, when in fact, he wasn’t

The reported busted him, and called him out for it. It was just hilarious watching Bernie Sanders embarrassing himself by acting like a teenager.

Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual misconduct. Brett Kavanaugh was also accused of sexual misconduct. Fairfax is a Democrat. Kavanaugh was appointed by Trump…

Do you think if the reporter wanted to talk about Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser that Bernie would’ve took out his phone and call his imaginary friend? Not really.

Watch it on the video bellow:

Sanders would’ve happily talked about the merits of believing all women, and the seriousness of the accusations against Kavanaugh. But when his fellow Democrat is accused, then suddenly it’s time to take a call from Madam Tooth Fairy.

We are not so sure what happened to the “believe all women” story. Now it seems like suddenly the Democrats give two craps about due process.

Guess old Bernie doesn’t believe survivors after all. We hope he knows that acting like a teenager wont make the accusations go away.

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