Biden Says If Trump Gets His Way On SCOTUS People Could Loose “Right To Vote” & “Right To Clean Air And Water”

Speaking about the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett on Sunday, Joe Biden made the claim that Americans cold lose a myriad of rights if President Donald Trump gets his way on filling the vacancy left by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.

Speaking to a crowd of his supporters, Joe Biden blasted the President on SCOTUS seat.

Biden said “The American people understand the urgency of this moment…”

“They’re already voting in droves because they know their healthcare hangs in the balance.”

“They understand that if Donald Trump gets his way, they could lose their right to vote, their right to clean air and water, their right to equal pay,” Joe Biden said.

“Workers could loose their collective bargoning rights, dreamers can be thrown out of the only country they’ve ever known,” Biden continued.

“People are voting right now, because they know the very soul of this country is at stake,” Joe Biden continued.

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