Brave Woman Grabs Her Gun, Confronts Robber And Makes Him Flee for His Life

A young woman from Memphis, Tennessee, deserved all the credits for scaring a robber off of her uncle’s property after she grabbed her handgun.

The victims said a man pulled a gun on them, but moments later, he learned he wasn’t the only one carrying a weapon.

Her uncle spoke for Fox13 and explained that the woman and her husband were guests at his home when a man they do not know walked up to them in the middle of the afternoon demanding a phone and a ride.

While they were talking to the man in a blue jacket, they noticed that he had his hand on his waist, where he had a gun.

Both the uncle and the woman were in the house and they heard the confrontation happening with the husband outside. The brave woman then grabbed her gun and confronted the unwanted guests.

‘I advise you to back the f**k up,’ she said. ‘Take off, get the f**k out of here!’

After the man started fleeing the proprty, the woman fired a warning shot in the air. After he gained some distance, the man returned fire but failed to hit anything. Memphis police told FOX13 the gunman ran toward the back of the house.

‘She said she didn’t want to kill him, but when he fired back at us after she fired the warning shot, she said she was trying to hit him then but didn’t,’ said the uncle.

‘She’s bold, she ain’t scared of nothing.’ concluded the uncle.

‘Thank the good Lord he was watching out for all of us.’ he added.

Memphis police said they are reviewing the surveillance video to get a positive ID on the suspect.  If you have any information on who that suspect may be, call CrimeStoppers at 901-528 CASH.

Share us your thoughts on this in the comments section. Would you react the same if someone threatens your familiy with a weapon?

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