Brit Hume Reveals Fatal Flaw In Dems Impeachment Argument: “The President Makes U.S. Foreign Policy, Can’t Subvert It”

Brit Hume made a real point exposing a fatal flaw in the Democrat’s impeachment sham that could come back to haunt them.

The mainstream media loves to show off their polls showing President Trump losing support but what they don’t tell you is these are national polls and weighted Dem. In key swing states, the states that will decide the election, the race is a toss-up. President Trump wins in some states and loses in others but everything is between a few points.

In other words, the election is up for grabs a year out in the only places that matter because the goal is to win the Electoral College, not the popular vote.

Hume exposed the danger in what the Dems are doing by pointing out that President Trump cannot subvert foreign policy, as he is the one who makes foreign policy.

In short words, the new witch hunt will backfire like the old one just in time for President Trump to win in 2020.

The Blaze reported that according to Fox News’ Brit Hume, there is a “huge fallacy” in Alexander Vindman’s line-of-thinking.

Hume went on to explain that the fallacy, is that President Trump cannot “subvert” U.S. foreign policy precisely because he is the “constitutional author of foreign policy.”

“Actually, it’s the fact that the president is the constitutional author of foreign policy, so the idea he is ‘subverting’ it is illogical,” Hume explained.

Indeed, as the Constitutional Rights Foundation explains, the executive branch has the most significant role in crafting U.S. foreign policy, and because the president is the head of the executive branch, the president essentially determines the direction of U.S. foreign policy while in office.

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