Candace Owens Rips Mainstream Media: “Want Black America Angry, Rioting, Does Not Want Justice For George Floyd”

Candace Owens dropped the hammer on the mainstream media for playing games with the Minneapolis riots. She held nothing back in a series of tweets that you can read bellow.

“Looting taking place in Minnesota in a continued riot-response to #GeorgeFloyd’s murder — This is reminiscent of black riots in the late 1960’s. The end result? Businesses packed up and left, impoverishing black cities for decades to come in Chicago & Detroit.”

“Who is to blame for this?” she asked. “All you so-called ‘leaders’ who couldn’t foresee this. Who didn’t stand up to the media programming, which POISONS our black youth to destroy their neighborhoods and ruin their futures.”


“EVERY FOUR YEARS the black community takes the media bait,” Owens continued.

“They find one tragedy and are able to get enough athletes and rappers to hype it so the black youth believes they have no choice but to riot and destroy themselves bc this world is against them,” Candace added.

“And who wins in the end?! Our communities become impoverished, our black youth are arrested— and the Democrats politicians get to stump on those conditions, claiming that systemic racism is to blame. NO. WE DO THIS. TO OURSELVES. BY TAKING THE BAIT, EVERY 4 YEARS. WE DO THIS,” she exclaimed.

“But I’m a coon, right? A coon w/ a crystal ball who has warned black America for the last 4 yrs to get ready to check our emotions in an election cycle bc the media will attempt to turn us all into circus monkeys if we don’t raise our emotional IQ. They win, we lose. AGAIN!”

“The media did not want justice for Philando Castile. The media does not want justice for George Floyd The media WANTS black America, angry, rioting, impoverished—from which THEIR politicians can be placed into positions of power through fraudulent empathy,” Candace declared. “WAKE UP.”

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