Chris Rock Blames Pelosi & Dems For Letting “Pandemic Come In” While They Were Too Busy Impeaching Trump

Comedian and Hollywood actor Chris Rock blasted the Democrats for letting “the pandemic come in” while they were preoccupied with impeaching President Donald Trump.

“It was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats. Their thing was, ‘We’re going to get him impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s really the 5-year-old,” Chris Rock told the New York Times in an expansive interview.

The Saturday Night Live alum also took aim at President Trump in the interview, comparing him to a child emperor.

“Did you ever see that movie The Last Emperor, where like a 5-year-old is the emperor of China? There’s a kid and he’s the king. So I’m like, it’s all the Democrats’ fault. Because you knew that the emperor was 5 years old. And when the emperor’s 5 years old, they only lead in theory. There’s usually an adult who’s like, ‘OK, this is what we’re really going to do.’”

Rock also addressed Barack Obama’s presidency, saying he didn’t sweep progress across the country for black Americans.

“Obama becoming the president, it’s progress for white people. It’s not progress for Black people.”

Switching gears to the entertainment industry, the New York Times asked the famed comedian if Hollywood has gone too far “to expunge blackface from any movies or TV shows.”

“If I say they are, then I’m the worst guy in the world. There’s literally one answer that ends my whole career,” he replied. “Blackface ain’t cool, OK? That’s my quote. Blackface is bad. Who needs it? It’s so sad, we live in a world now where you have to say, I am so against cancer. ‘I just assumed you liked cancer.’ No, no, no, I am so against it. You have to state so many obvious things you’re against.”

The interview comes ahead of the premiere of the fourth season of Fargo, which will star Chris Rock as a mobster in 1950s Kansas City.

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