Chris Wallace On Obama’s Speech “I Bet He Didn’t Talk About Biden For 5 Of Those 15 minutes”

Reacting to Obama’s speech, Chris Wallace criticized the former President for not spending more time endorsing Joe BIden, his former Vice President.

Wallace said “I thought it was a really curious speech. He talked for 15 minutes, I bet he didn’t talk about Joe Biden for five of those 15 minutes.”

“He basically said, ‘He was my brother in the White House, he made me a better president, he will make it a better country.”

He continued: “It wasn’t even all that much about Donald Trump, although he certainly made clear, I think you could only call it contempt for Donald Trump.”

“But most of it was almost like the community organizer from Chicago, about how people have to go out and organize and as he said, our democracy is at stake.”

Wallace then added: “As a full-throated endorsement of Joe Biden, I’m not saying he wasn’t for him, it was a curious speech.”

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