Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell: Stop Pouring Millions Into ‘Sham’ BLM, It’s a ‘funnel group for extremists’

Civil rights attorney and talk radio host Leo Terrell blasted the Black Lives Matter organization and called for corporations to stop pouring millions of dollars into funding it.

Terrell claimed that the movement is as “a joke” during a discussion on Fox News’ “Hannity” as he tore into the hypocrisy and lack of actual concern for the black community by the organization that has gained widespread attention and support in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

“I’m so sick of all the shooting, the killing and the lawlessness and I’ve got to call out Black Lives. They are a joke. If they really care about the black lives, what about Chicago?” Terrell asked on Monday, referring to the high number of gun violence victims in the city over a single weekend.

“I submit to you, Black Lives is nothing more than a profiteer,” Terrell told host Sean Hannity.

“If it does not involve a police officer, they don’t care about those black lives. Reverend Al won’t get on his private jet and speak at that girl’s funeral,” he added, calling out Al Sharpton, whom he also targeted in several tweets.

“These corporations, stop giving money to Black Lives! They don’t care about the lives that are being lost right now. It is a sham organization. Nothing more, nothing less, and they are a funnel group for extremists on the left,” Terrell exclaimed.

Hannity interjected to clarify that the civil rights attorney was speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement, and not generally speaking of protesters.

“Every life matters,” Terrell agreed.

Radio host David Webb jumped in to drive home the point about funding for the organization.

“Here’s the shakedown in this, Sean. $1.6 billion plus that’s been pledged to Black Lives Matter in some foundation or otherwise. Where’s the money going? Where does it end up?” the Sirius XM radio and Fox Nation host asked. “Leo is right. It is a shakedown and a sham.”

Actor Robert Davi brought up the same points in a tweet asking Hannity to address “What is BLM really funding?”

There were plenty more people on social media of praise for his outspoken remarks.

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