Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Speaks Out After Judge Refuses To Release Documents To The Public

Dennis Nathan Cain did his duty as an American and blew the whistle on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. For doing so, sixteen FBI agents raided the Maryland home and ransacked it for six hours.

A protected whistle-blower just like the guy who came forward on President Trump suffered the same harassment, while the man who fingered Trump gets total protection. What a world we live in.

Now, Cain is speaking out and it is not pretty. We have to have the same rules for both parties or people will lose faith in our government, that’s a fact.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the whistle-blower came across the documents while he was working for an FBI contractor, according to his lawyer.

The Daily Caller exclusively reported that the whistle-blower, Dennis Nathan Cain, had given these documents to Inspector General Horowitz and both the House and Senate Intel Committees.

Over a dozen FBI agents stormed through Dennis Nathan Cain’s home for more than six hours even though he had already given the documents to the proper investigative channels, his lawyer said.

The documents reveal then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate criminal misconduct by Rosatam, the Russian nuclear firm that purchased 20% of the US’s Uranium.

Back in December the DOJ pushed back on requests to explain its reasons for raiding the Dennis Nathan Cain’s home.

And now a federal court refuses to unseal the documents to the public on why it was necessary for the DOJ to raid the home of a Clinton Foundation whistle-blower.

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