CNN Contributor Says Dems Should “Pack” Court To “Save” It From Republicans, Ted Cruz Fires Back

Court-packing is a popular idea with Democrats right now, and therefore with the mainstream media.

It’s the idea of expanding the number of justices and then filling those seats with your own kind while you have the power to do it.

In other words, to seize power at the soonest opportunity in the hopes of never surrendering it back to the voters.

Standard traditional Democrat values, as one would say.

CNN contributors think that’s just as fine as cream gravy.

Sen. Ted Cruz has been all over the Dems on this, and he wasn’t about to let this slip by.

He said this on Fox the other day:

“If the Democrats win the presidency and they win the Senate, within a couple of weeks, [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer will act to end the filibuster and I’ll tell you, I served with these Democrats.”

“They have the votes. They will abolish the filibuster, which means the minority would not be able to stop any of their radical objectives.”

Sen. Ted Cruz is also going to be on with Mark Levin tonight to share his thoughts on the subject.

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