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VEGANISM – Feel safe while living…

What is happening with the entire world going vegan? Is it a trend? Why do the people suddenly started to care about the animals? Didn’t they use to do this all their lives? The word “vegan” has become a very common name in recent years as restaurants add it to their menus, grocery stores carry more veg-friendly alternatives and the term “vegan” is googled more and more.

Most of us question ourselves what exactly means the word vegan. We have known about vegetarians, but vegans? Veganism is a lifestyle that includes no animal products. No met, no eggs, no mils, no fur, no leather jackets… But, why should we choose to go vegan? Is it healthy not to eat meat? Should we go vegan to protect the animals?

Different people have different motivations for doing it so and of course there are excellent reasons for doing this. Is it really moral to revoke the life of a living, breathing being for no other reason than that you have a certain fondness for the taste of their muscles, organs, and bodily secretions?

The World Health Organization made it clear last year when it declared that processed meat a “carcinogen” increases your risk of colon or rectum cancer by 18 percent. But it’s not just that processed meat the thing that poses a health risk — science it has been known for a while, eating all kinds of animals, including “white meat,” is bad for us. Like, really, really bad. We have so many reasons to stop eating animal products. The most common ones are that they increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, it is harder to maintain a healthy body weight, they contribute to erectile dysfunction, they may make you resistant to antibiotics, they contain hormones in them and all in all they increase your risk of death. Why not choosing to live safely with none of these risks? Why not feel younger, more beautiful and full of life?

The things that give us life and energy are the things that are grown by the sun and the water. We need more and more energy to fight with our increasingly daily activities, so that is the right choice! We have found something to help us fight with the upcoming busy lifestyle! We have found our sores of energy!

Also, nowadays there are studies that have shown us why going vegan is such a nice choice. One study that made its rounds earlier this year predicted that between 6 and 10 percent of the planet’s mortality rates and 29 to 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions could be cut if the world went primarily vegan. It seems like we are already headed in this direction if we consider some recent trends.

Eating animal product concerns all areas of life, not just the animals. Start to live a safe life now! A banana with oats would such a nice choice instead of eggs and ham. Be healthy! Start living!

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