Democrat Sheriff From Indiana Switches Parties To Republican, Explains Why He Did It

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted Friday “Two Democrat Sheriffs in Indiana joined the Republican Party!

Proud to welcome Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh Co. and Sheriff Tom Latham of Posey Co. to the GOP!”

The Vice President added, “Under President @realdonaldtrump we stand for Law & Order and we Back the Blue!”

On Thursday, Vanderburgh County, Indiana Sheriff Dave Wedding announced that he is switching parties from Democrat to Republican.

While making his announcement, Wedding pointed out an American flag and stated that the Democrats “want to burn that thing every day.”

Wedding explained his reason for the switch, saying “I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets.”

He continued “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.”

In an interview Wedding specifically points to riots in Portland and Seattle.

“I’m shocked watching things in Portland and Seattle night after night. They’re not protesting they’re rioting.”

“They’re putting police officers live in danger” he adds.

The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party blasted Wedding’s switch and brushed it off as “political opportunism.”

County Chairwoman Edie Hardcastle said “Democrats love their country and that’s why we are fighting so hard for the preservation of democracy.”

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