Democratic Rep Claims Sanctuary Cities Were Created Because Of President Trump

Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark claimed that President Trump’s failure to achieve immigration reform has created the need for sanctuary cities.

Rep. Katherine Clark appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday and said that “Sanctuary cities are directly correlated to a lack of comprehensive immigration reform,”

“Nobody on either side of the aisle of any political ideology will tell you that our immigration system is working well.”

“But that proposal that was passed over five years ago in a bipartisan way in the Senate still languishes,” Clark continued.

“And what we’ve seen is a president that, as you just said, from his very first moments of announcing his candidacy has gone to fear, division, racism and called that up in the American people.” she added.

Clark called on the President to “embrace” illegal immigrants in an effort to boost the U.S. economy and said that Trump’s immigration policies are causing chaos at the border with Mexico.

“It is time that he be the leader that we need and say, ‘Let’s look at our system, let’s see how we can protect our national security and have an immigration system that makes sense, and that allows people to immigrate into this country to fill some of the needs we have for workers, and that is really in line with our heritage and values as Americans,” Clark said.

“But this president is committed to doing the opposite and you can see it from the absolute chaos that he has created in the Department of Homeland Security. That is a reflection of the chaos on the border.”

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