Dems Suffer Major Loss As Lisa Murkowski Comes Back Home To GOP After Nadler’s Insults Backfired

In a stunning blow to the Democrats fading impeachment dreams, it seems like Jerry Nadler just lost on key swing GOP member.

The GOP has a few Senators who will literally control the rest of these proceedings as a majority vote wins the day on any impeachment issue.

Lisa Murkowski is one of these key swing Republican Senators. Now, she’s a fierce independent, just like the people she represents and has often gone against President Trump and the GOP.

But we have to remember that she won as a write-in candidate, so she has no fears of losing support back home. In short, she will do whatever she wants and that is why her comments about Nadler’s miserable performance are so huge.

If the Democrats lose her, the easiest get they’ll have outside Susan Collins, they are doomed indeed.

Alaska Public reported that Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she was insulted by a House manager’s assertion that Republicans who voted against impeachment witnesses were engaged in a “cover-up” for President Trump.

“I took it as very offensive,” Murkowski told reporters in the basement of the Senate on Wednesday. “As one who is listening attentively and working hard to get to a fair process, I was offended.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler is one of the House managers presenting the case against President Trump. As the Tuesday night session stretched past midnight, he accused Republican senators of abetting the President.

“I see a lot of senators voting for a cover-up, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote,” he said.

A reporter asked Lisa Murkowski what she thought of the statement as she made her way toward the Senate chamber for the second day of the trial.

She was among many Republicans who condemned the remark, and blasted Nadler for it.

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