DNC Caught Seeming To Use Fake Fans During Kamala Harris’ Convention Speech

Looks like support for Sen. Kamala Harris is as fake as her speeches.

When the Democratic vice president nominee closed out her distinctly uninspiring speech on Wednesday night, she waved to a bank of video monitors showing rapturously applauding supporters.

But sharp-eyed Trump campaign workers saw something else: Many of the screens showed the same figures twice.

Zach Parker, Trump campaign deputy director of communications, sent out the first image when it looked like just two of the scenes were dupes.

“Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited about Kamala Harris, so they had to duplicate someone’s livesteram,” Zach Parkinson wrote.

It turned out six of the screens were duplicates.

Andrew Clark, rapid response director for the Trump campaign, blasted out the news.

Astounding as it might be, the Democratic National Committee — on a night that was declared “historic” thanks to the nomination of a black woman for vice president (no matter how dubious she is) — was apparently unable to put up 30 separate screens of supporters elated with being part of the historic occasion.

What’s even more astounding — though it shouldn’t be at this point — is that liberals were falling all over themselves to excuse the idiocy.

But there were many, many Twitter users who weren’t nearly so forgiving as the leftist vote.

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