DNC War Room Claims Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Is A ‘Moron’

Members of the Democrat National Committee appear to believe that retired neurosurgeon and current Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is a moron.

The remarks were made because while answering questions from the House Financial Services Committee this week, the award-winning member of the American Academy of Achievement, the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans mixed up the niche, barely used real estate term REO with Oreo cookies.

Thanks to this mix-up, Dr. Ben Carson faced constant mockery from Hollywood and members of the left-wing media as well as from the DNC, which went so far this week as to blast the Doctor as a “moron.”

As of Saturday morning, the tweet had more than 2,000 comments but fewer than 300 likes. This means that people were not happy about the comments against Ben Carson.

“Ben Carson a moron? Are you out of your mind, or just blatant #racists ?”
“He’s a neurosurgeon. Let that sink in.”
said one comment.

“You’re all neurosurgeons?”
posted another.

“He literally is a brain surgeon.” said a comment.

“Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, is considered a “moron” by a group that looks up to Obama, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi. That’s hilarious!” said a tweet.

“Well you obviously don’t have anything inside your head that he (world famous neurosurgeon) will need to operate on.” posted another.

“Dr. Carson is smarter than the whole Dem party. Keep poking the bear. You only help him.” said a comment.

As man people on Twitter wrote, Ben Carson is not a moron. Nor does his plan for homeless shelters have anything to do with discriminating against transgender people. It’s about protecting women and girls from men who pretend to be women (aka “transgender women”).

The HUD secretary also isn’t a punk. This Friday he spoke on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” and pushed back on the lies about his transgender policy and blasted the Dems for only being willing to attack and not listen and learn.

“I think we’ve reached a very sad point in our country where a hearing that is supposed to be about what the policies are becomes just attack, attack, attack. Not being very interested in what the answers are,” he said. “I hope we can move beyond that and really deal with the issues.”

The HUD secretary also addressed the REO/Oreo mix-up: “[I]t used to be a very common thing. We used to have over 65,000 properties about 10 years ago,” he said. “We are down to 6500. I can honestly say no one has ever used that term since I have been at HUD, but I know what they are, just from having grown up in Detroit.”

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