Doug Collins Demands Minority Hearing Day In Writing, Jogs Nadler’s Memory That It’s Not Optional

Rep. Doug Collins doubled down on his recent demands that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler respond to GOP requests to call their own witnesses in the impeachment proceedings, sending the Democrat a letter demanding a “minority day of hearings.”

The Georgia Republican and member of the House Judiciary Committee joined his colleagues in a letter reminding Jerry Nadler of his “obligation” to schedule a Republican minority hearing day before articles of impeachment against the President can be decided by the committee.

“During yesterday’s impeachment hearing, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) furnished you with a timely demand for a minority day of hearings, signed by all Republican Members of the Committee,” Rep. Doug Collins wrote to Jerry Nadler in the letter dated Dec. 6.

“You declined repeated requests by Republican members during the hearing to acknowledge your obligation to schedule such a hearing or to provide any details on your planned schedule for further impeachment proceedings,” he added, calling the impeachment a “sham.”

The letter also invoked a clause stating that “Minority Members ‘shall be entitled to … call witnesses selected by the minority to testify with respect to that measure or matter during at least one day of hearing thereon.’”

“The requested minority hearing day must take place before articles of impeachment are considered by the Committee,” the letter said, coming one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats would “proceed with articles of impeachment” against the President.

Collins along with his Republican colleague Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin addressed the scheduling of the requested hearing and what Nadler’s planned next steps were in the impeachment process during the committee’s first day of hearings this week. The lawmakers made no progress though as Nadler refused to recognize them during the hearing.

In his closing statement, Rep. Doug Collins again demanded answers from the chairman.

“When do you plan on scheduling our minority hearing day?” he asked

(Relevant portion of the video begins at 8:19 mark)

via NBC News

Doug Collin’s listed witnesses Republicans were seeking to call in a letter to the chairman, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, as well as the anonymous whistle-blower, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, Devon Archer, a former board member at Burisma, and others.

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