Elise Stefanik Raises $500.000 In 2 Hours To Keep Fighting Adam Schiff: “The Dems Case Is Crumbling”

Elise Stefanik climbed up high in the Republican political universe for her devastatingly effective cross-examinations this week during the impeachment debacle.

She took Adam Schiff head on with some brilliant showmanship. But it was her incisive and effective questioning during the impeachment hearings, where she seemingly got all the Dem witnesses to make key admissions, that made her reputation.

Stefanik was short and went strength to the point, unlike most of the politicians on the stage who would rather hear themselves talk than find out new information and move forward.

For the same reason, Stefanik also earned a massive backlash on the left, which started or at least was pushed by George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband.

Hollywood also jumped on the bandwagon, such is the threat of Elsie, and soon her opponent in 2020 raised a million smackers.

So last night Elise Stefanik went on Hannity and told the Fox audience what was happening and just within two hours she raised $500,000.

Syracuse reported that New York Rep. Elise Stefanik said she raised $500,000 for her election campaign in less than two hours Thursday night after appearing on Sean Hannity’s TV show on Fox News.

Host Hannity praised Stefanik’s performance in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings this week, calling her “a new star” in the Republican Party.

President Trump, who first declared Stefanik a Republican rising star over the weekend, repeated that sentiment on Friday in an appearance on Fox and Friends.

“I’ll tell you what, this young woman from Upstate New York, she has become a star,” the President said in a phone interview with the show.

“She has become a star, her mannerism, her way of talking…it’s just the whole thing,” President Trump said of Stefanik. “She was fantastic during the hearings…”

On Twitter, Stefanik encouraged her supporters to donate to her 2020 campaign through the website fightschiff.com named after the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.

“I just focus on the facts,” she said. “It is clear that every day that goes by, Democrats’ case for impeachment is crumbling,” she added, as Newsmax reported.

“Again, the facts remain the same, Ukraine got the aid, there was no ‘quid pro quo’ and there was no investigation into the Bidens,”

Stefanik also accused Rep. Adam Schiff of continuing his “regime of secrecy.”

“And because I’ve been such an outspoken advocate for the facts, I have been attacked by the Hollywood left, who have dumped millions into supporting my far left Democratic opponent,” she said.

Earlier today, she said Democrats’ impeachment inquiry “reeks of political desperation.”

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