Ex-CIA Agent Comes Clean, Claims China Uses The Dems As “Useful Idiots” To Spread Propaganda

Former CIA operative Bryan Dean Wright appeared on Fox and Friends and blasted Joe Biden and the hapless Democrats.

He called out the Dems by name for trusting China and pushing out Chinese propaganda. He called them “useful idiots in the Democratic Party” for helping China push their narratives out in the world.

“And, if they don’t — which, by the way, I doubt that they will, having worked with these folks in the past — we now have to then rally the troops. And not, of course, not just the American people here. I’m talking about a global alliance to tell President Xi that, in fact, he is culpable,” he said, as Fox News reported.

Wright stated that China will “push back” and have already started to push their own narrative using “useful idiots in the Democratic Party” to blame President Trump.

“So, we are going to have to be able to respond as a country to say ‘enough,’ grab our alliances or all these allies, and demand that they make it right,” Wright said, arguing that voters will have a stark contrast between President Trump’s stance toward China and the much friendlier posture of Joe Biden.

“There is a profound impact then on the November election and who we choose for our president, right?” he asked. “We have to say no to Joe because Joe Biden has been in the tank for the Chinese for so long.”

Although Wright has a record of voting Democrat, he told Doocy he plans to vote for Trump in November to ensure America “continue to be exceptional” and that the U.S. holds China accountable for their actions.

“2013, [Biden] and his son flew over to Beijing, sucked up that $1.5 billion. Plus, you have to remember Biden was vice president under, of course, under Mr. Obama when we all know what the Chinese did in terms of taking our intellectual property, stealing those jobs, facilitating the nuclear program with North Korea, [and] the ballistic missile program of Iran,” he explained. “The horrific record goes on and on.”

“So, we have to say no to Joe so that we can continue to push forward with this country [and] hold the Chinese to account,” Wright concluded. “That’s why this election in November is so incredibly important.”

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