‘Fire The Whole Lot Of Them:’ Judge Pirro Nails The Seven Republicans Who Voted For The Democrats Amnesty Bill

This Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Congress for “continuing to fail us” in regards to the immigration crisis at the border with Mexico and called for the “whole lot of them” to be fired for their opposition to President Donald Trump’s efforts to stop the destructive inflow of illegals.

Before she blasted through the ranks of the Senate and House, Jeanine Pirro praised President Trump’s deal with Mexico that was announced on Friday. “It’s a big win for the president. Congress would rather deny him a win on immigration and let the problem continue to proliferate, no matter the harm to the American people,” said Pirro. “Even his own party fails him yet again.”

It was during her opening statement on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” that she went full medieval on the elected people who do nothing productive, yet want to give themselves a pay raise.

“The president is left to go it alone. Congress has failed every step of the way while attempting to give itself a raise,” Pirro said.

President Donald Trump is “the first president in a generation willing to tackle America’s worsening intractable out of control problem. Congress would rather deny him a win on immigration and let the problem continue to proliferate, no matter the harm to the American people. Even his own party fails him, yet again,” she said.

The Fox News host also blasted and shamed by name all seven RINO congressmen who voted for Democratic proposals for immigration reform. Don Bacon, Mario Diaz-Balart, Brian Fitzpatrick, Will Hurd, Dan Newhouse, Chris Smith, and Fred Upton.

“Congress continues to fail us. Not only blocking the president’s efforts but actually passing a bill this week that would give two and a half million Dreamers amnesty, a signal to illegals that not only will they let you in and pay for food, housing, education, medical and travel, but sooner or later they’ll give you amnesty after they release you into the interior proving yet another incentive for illegals to cross,” Pirro continued.

Yet the House “does nothing to address the crisis of the border and the bill does nothing to secure the border or enforce our laws. The president had even offered a bill that did both. But no one in Congress was interested,” Pirro said.

“Congress ought to be fired for forcing this president to negotiate with a foreign power to solve a national immigration crisis our own government won’t solve,” Pirro exclaimed, “either because it’s a ‘manufactured crisis’ — are you stupid and blind? Or do you hate the president so much you’d rather we Americans suffer the burden of the children of illegals into our already too-small classrooms.”

“Fire the whole lot of them and bring in every family that’s been affected by illegal immigration,” she said.

“So the president sits in the White House in December waiting to strike a deal while Congress goes on vacation — Hawaii, Puerto Rico, planning junkets to Brussels, Afghanistan — and now as he negotiates with Mexico, they do nothing, while illegal immigrants continue to set records day-by-day crossing the border, knowing they’ll be released to disappear,” she added.

Pirro turned her attention back to President Trump, at the close of her opening statement, and what he is doing for America. You can watch a portion of Pirro’s opening statement on the link bellow.

“Congress would rather sit on their hands and give themselves a pay raise. I have an idea, fire the whole lot of them,” Pirro added. “It all comes down to one thing, the strength of the president to again defy the odds, the naysayers and the doubters … This is Donald Trump’s moment in history. And I for one believe in the man and moment. So should you.”

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