First Lady Melania & POTUS Honor the ‘Legacy and Courage’ of American Women for Women’s History Month

First Lady Melania and her husband President Donald Trump are kicking off Women’s History Month with praise toward the females who left behind their “legacy” through their “courage and resolve.”

In his presidential proclamation, President Donald Trump is honoring those who “fought for equality and against the status quo, and who have broken the bonds of discrimination, partiality, and injustice for the benefit of all.”

The month of March is set to highlight the contributions of American women to society throughout history.

The President showed his pride and appreciation for the women who have made a mark in history and left behind a “legacy that continues to inspire generations of women to live with confidence, to have a positive impact on their communities, and to improve our Nation every single day.”

President Trump noted that throughout history, females managed to achieve equal rights, as they are now able to seek out education, develop businesses, serve for the country in the military, and run for elected office.

“We remember all the American women, past and present, who have inspired and empowered today’s women to advocate for their beliefs and pursue their dreams without hesitation.” said Trump.

In addition, President Trump pointed to Catherine Brewer, who was the first woman to earn a college bachelor’s degree in the U.S. in 1840, and Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, who became the first recognized physician female in the United States and whose achievements “marked the beginning of our society’s move toward equality among men and women in education.”

President Trump’s administration clearly seeks to “empower women”:

“My Administration continues to empower women by creating unprecedented opportunities for them. The United States economy is booming like never before. An all-time record number of women are employed, and, just last year, women filled 58 percent of new jobs. … Prioritizing the economic empowerment of women has also helped to boost our Nation’s economy and security.” said the President.

Additionally, first lady Melania stated that Women’s History Month is “an opportunity for our country to celebrate our history and challenge women everywhere to continue being strong, resilient leaders in all that they do.”

Many other firsts for females were noted in President Trump’s proclamation, including the Women Airforce Service Pilots and Captain Rosemary Mariner, the first female to fly a U.S. Navy tactical fighter jet.

When Captain Rosemary Mariner died in January of 2019, she received the first all-female flyover at her funeral.

“This month, we express our gratitude for all American women who continue to strengthen our families, communities, and workforce,” President Trump concluded. “Our future is brighter because of their contributions.”

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