Former Bush AG Want’s To Know Why Mueller Took So Long To Report No Collusion

President George W. Bush’s former attorney general wants to know why special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t come forward and clear the Trump campaign of collusion with the Russian government sooner.

On Thursday, Michael Mukasey was a guest on the Fox News podcast “Hemmer Time” when he asked why Robert Mueller waited for so long to tell Americans that there were no evidence of collusion.

After two years of investigation conducted by the special counsel and his team, Mueller’s report, in a redacted form, was released on Thursday.

The report couldn’t find evidence of collusion and it did not recommend for President Trump to be charged with obstruction of justice, though Democrats want to further examine the latter conclusion.

“When did Bob Mueller know, or when did the people who worked with him know, that there was no coordination, which is what they were looking for?” Mukasey asked Fox News’s Bill Hemmer.

“When did they realize that and whenever they realized that shouldn’t they have told the rest of us?”

Mukasey stated that there should’ve been no problem for Robert Mueller to make an official statement about collusion while continuing on with the investigation if only to “have taken the speculation … off.”

The former AG claimed that speculation about whether collusion occurred dominated the media coverage throughout the course of the entire investigation.

“You remember the exercise that was engaged in … The number of television broadcasts that would have involved people sitting around conference tables inhaling their own and other people’s exhaust and getting high on it?”

Mukasey also told Fox News that Russian meddling in the United States’ affairs as well as other democratic nations is nothing new.

“Look, the Russians have been messing with the West generally and with the United States specifically since the Communist Revolution,” he said.

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