Former Starbucks CEO Schultz Claims He Can Steal ‘Millions’ Of Republicans From Trump Because Of One Personal Factor

Former Starbucks CEO and a liberal Independent who’s running for president Howard Schultz, said that he feels very confident that he can steal millions of Republican votes from President Trump in 2020 election. Why? Because Howie claims he has good character.

“On character alone, there are millions of lifelong Republicans who do not want to vote for this president and they’re not going for Bernie Sanders,” Schultz told CNN. “The reason they’re dissatisfied is character, morality.”

Schultz also admits he’s surprised by the virulent opposition he is facing from the left. “We expected there would be a level of resistance, but not to the degree it came. It’s kind of softened a little bit. Now I think they’re focused on Joe Biden.”

Schultz warned the Democratic Party that they cannot unseat President Donald Trump with their far-left positions because the majority of Americans oppose socialism.

“I have no understanding why they believe that an extreme position that resembles socialism is going to defeat Donald Trump,” Schultz said. “It’s not going to happen.”

Meanwhile, Schultz is deluding himself and thinks that he can peel off voters from President Trump. The president currently enjoys far grater support from the GOP than anyone could’ve expected.

Even former Never-Trumpers have lined up behind the president. The reasons are twofold: First, they’ve seen how he boosted the economy. Second, they are terrified by the radical left’s embrace of open borders, mass illegal immigration, and socialism.

While Howard Schultz is no longer Starbucks’ CEO, millions of Americans remember that the coffee chain prioritized Muslim refugees over U.S. veterans with its pledge to hire 10,000 refugees. Trump supporters also had a hard time to forget how Starbucks employees bullied a woman simply for wearing a Trump t-shirt.

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