Former Trump Admin Melts Down On Fox News – Host Jesse Watters Loses Control Of His Own Show

Anthony Scaramucci made an appearance on Jesse Watters’ show “Watters’ World” on Saturday night, a man who served 11 days as the Trump administration’s White House Communications Director, primarily to talk about his recent flip-flop on President Donald Trump.

Everyone knows that Scaramucci used to praise President Trump and let everyone know he was in his corner. He even wrote a book about it. However, over the past month he is labeling the president as a fascist and cult leader, showing the world that there is yet another famous Trump hater who doesn’t know what either of those two things are.

The Mooch is now a hero of the Left for saying that President Trump is deranged and unfit for office. And this comes from the same guy who wrote a book praising President Trump titled “Trump the Blue-Collar President” that was released less than a year ago on October 2018.

Host Jesse started by asking Scaramucci why he flipped on President Trump, what happened to make him do that. Then all hell broke loos.

Jesse couldn’t get a word in edgewise. He lost control of his own show almost immediately. That’s not being negative on Watters’s part, it just is what it is. Scaramucci is a forceful guy when he talks, much like the president, but Trump doesn’t constantly talk over people.

Scaramucci talked over Jesse while he kept trying to get a question in. It was transparently obvious that the Mooch was afraid Watters was going to keep nailing him.

Even after Jesse played some past clips of the Mooch praising Trump, Scaramucci would not reveal why he turned on the President, he just kept throwing the insults.

After making fun of Watters’ hair, the host just barreled on through to ask the Mooch, “Anthony, here’s my question to you. You’re getting used…” He paused, hoping that Scaramucci would shut up so he could get the question out. He didn’t, so Watters professionally continued, “Do you realize you’re being used by the media?”

Scaramucci responded by saying that he is not being used and that he is his own guy. He’s never going to admit he is being used by the Orange Man Bad Fake News Media.

In the end, Watters gave in and bantered about with the Mooch, joking that the studio had to “prop up the chair a few racks… he didn’t like how short it was.” I’m sure the Mooch will now go around saying how Watters is in mental decline too.

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