Fox News Host Torches Biden Campaign Surrogate About Hunter Emails

Fox News host, Leland Vittert, grilled a Biden campaign surrogate about Hunter Biden’s blockbuster emails that surfaced this past week tying him to Ukrainian corruption. And as Johnny Dollar points out, it ain’t pretty.

Vittert began: “You say it’s not confirmed. Tell us what parts are not true.”

“Huter Biden knows what emails he has, or hasn’t sent, are you saying that these mails are not his?” Vittert asked.

Jenna Arnold responded by evading the question, and talking about everything else.

After he didn’t get an answer, Vittert pressed again: “Again, Jenna. The easiest thing in the world to do would be the say ‘These aren’t Hunter Biden’s emails.'”

Vittert was so forceful and persistent that he actually got Jenna Arnold to admit that the Biden campaign hasn’t said these emails are fake, probably because they aren’t.

But that was about as far as she went, continuing to dodge the questions instead of giving real answers on any of it, which is probably what you expected her to do.

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