Fox’s Sandra Smith Shuts Down Dem Lawmaker’s Claim Of “Incredibly Convincing Testimony”

Fox News host Sandra Smith shut down a House Judiciary Committee Democrat’s claim that there was “incredibly convincing testimony of bribery” by President Trump in this week’s impeachment hearings.

Sandra Smith questioned whether Rep. Madeleine Dean heard what she thought were “impeachable offenses” in the hours of witness testimony during the House impeachment hearings, challenging her on “The Story” about the issue after the Pennsylvania Democrat ridiculously touted the “damning evidence” produced by “career-long Democrats who don’t have a political dog in this fight,” as the BPR reported.

“These are people of extraordinary credibility,” Rep. Madeleine Dean said of witnesses such as former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and ex-National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill. “We heard from most of those folks incredibly convincing, credible testimony of bribery by a president — of a president who had a ‘shadow’ foreign policy.”

“But it was pointed out many times in that hearing room that none of those witnesses used the word bribery, congresswoman,” Smith interjected, blowing a hole in her narrative.

“And as far as the ‘convincing’ is concerned, of even a moderate Republican like Congressman [Will] Hurd who was looking to take sides on this and has hinted that he would be a ‘no’ on impeachment,” Smith continued, noting that the Texas lawmaker is retiring after this term and has “nothing to prove” to the president.

But Smith wasn’t done calling out the congresswoman who, like many of her colleagues, have been spinning the impeachment testimonies to suit their agenda of taking out a sitting U.S. president.

“This is an incredibly important moment in our country’s history, so put it to the American people,” the Fox News host said to Rep. Dean. “What exactly was it that you heard … that you are basing impeaching the president [on]?”

“Hearsay evidence is credible, but we don’t need just hearsay,” the lawmaker replied. “We had firsthand folks who were in on the phone call, and you had the testimony — Dr. Hill’s testimony was without any kind of scrutiny.”

“Well, to be clear he [David Holmes] was not on that phone call, he overheard the phone call,” Smith corrected after Rep. Dean again claimed that there were “firsthand witnesses of what the president admitted to.”

Tensions continued to mount as Smith tried to move on, saying “we get where you stand on this,” prompting Dean to shoot back, “I don’t know that you do.”

“Where I stand is for our Constitution and for our democracy,” she announced.

“I heard you say that you believe the president committed an impeachable offense, is that correct?” Smith confronted the congresswoman.

“I believe the evidence thus far shows impeachable offenses,” Dean replied but refused to give a direct answer when Smith challenged her on whether she would vote to impeach President Trump if articles were put before the full House of Representatives today.

“Why would anybody prejudge a vote when you don’t even have the articles in front of you?” Dean countered as the two continued to tangle over the issue.

Despite the fact that the Dems rolled out one witness after another in the hearings who actually did not witness anything at all, but simply got their information through second and third-hand sources, Democrats continue to claim evidence of impeachable actions by the president.

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