Frank Luntz Focus Group Didn’t Like Kamala’s “Condescending Reactions” During Last Night’s Debate

During last night’s debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, pollster Frank Luntz held a focus group of undecided voters.

One thing that they strongly reacted to negatively was Kamala Harris’ facial expressions which many people considered “condescending.”

Luntz wrote “My undecided voters think Mike Pence is more professional, but that he looks tired. They think Kamala Harris is more passionate, but her reaction-faces are really bothering people.”

He added in a later tweet ” I might get #cancelled for this, but my undecided focus group doesn’t like how Kamala Harris interacts with her opponent. We saw this in the Dem debates – she is applauded for her knowledge, but they just don’t like her “condescending reactions.” #VPDebate”

Here is one of the viral moments many people are talking about on social media.

Asked to describe VP Mike Pence in one word, members of Luntz’s focus group used words like “robot, presidential, even keeled, bland, regressive, professional, pathetic, calm, typical politician, comfortable, no emotion.”

Asked to describe Kamala Harris in one word, members of Luntz’s focus group used words such as “evasive, nervous, shifting blame, caring, snarky, too rehearsed, nervous, evasive, abrasive, unsteady, rigid, unpresidential”

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