Gaetz Shredded ‘Prop’ John Dean In a Brutal Exchange: ‘How Many Presidents Have You Accused Of Being Nixon?’

This Monday, John Dean had many foolish moments when he was testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, and one of the most embarrassing moment arguably came when the former White House counsel was questioned by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

For those who don’t know yet, John Dean is the former counsel to Richard Nixon. He gained fame after cooperating with authorities during the Watergate scandal and accusing Nixon of a cover-up. He has no direct knowledge of Robert Mueller’s investigation, but House Dems just couldn’t resist the urge to have a key Watergate figure comment on Robert Mueller’s investigation in a lame attempt to bring credibility to an investigation that came up with zilch against President Trump.

Gaetz came in strong during his questioning by first bringing up an essay that John Dean wrote that accused George W. Bush of being worse than Nixon, an accusation he has also levied against President Trump.

“Mr. Dean, how many presidents have you accused of being Richard Nixon?” asked Gaetz.

Dean then proudly stated that he wrote a “very successful” book about how George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were worse than Nixon. Gaetz said Dean seems to have created quite a “cottage industry” out of accusing people of comparing politicians to Nixon, including scoring a commentary gig on CNN.

“How much money do you make from CNN?” Gaetz asked, cutting through the fat of the day.

Rep. Jerry Nadler jumped in to defend Dean, as he did many times this Monday. Nadler objected to the question.

Gaetz then rightly accused Dean of “exploiting” his time with Nixon for his own “monetary gain.”

Dean then jumped on his high horse and told Gaetz that he was “not born at the time that this all happened,” as if that somehow disqualified the congressman from questioning him about his motivations. Dean also stated that most of his career choices were not “by choice.”

“Who forced you to accuse George W. Bush of being Richard Nixon?” said Gaetz, not buying into the political talk.

After a runaround answer from Dean, Gaetz suggested bringing in a Ouija board to bring back Nixon, the “Ghost of Christmas Past,” since he is all anybody could talk about during a hearing that has nothing to do with him.

Gaetz then went into a rant against House Democrats looking to go after President Trump without proof of any of the crimes they have accused him of. He called the idea of the President colluding with Russia a “complete fiction.” He also told the Democrats to “get your act together.”

Asked by Nadler to respond to Gaetz, Dean folded and called his rant a “speech.” He also stated that he did not have “adequate time” to respond, which is a little strange because Nadler was already giving him extra time to respond to Gaetz.

As ridiculous as the political theater of these Mueller hearings is, lawmakers have stood up and shown that they are exhausting themselves in an attempt to bring common sense to a Congress that is quickly and dangerously being overrun by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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