Gayle King Blasts Pelosi Off Her High Horse For “Egregious” Rhetoric Aimed At President Trump

CBS’s Gayle King took issue with Nancy Pelosi calling President Trump’s associates “henchmen” during an interview.

“Tuesday is a big debate,” Gayle King told the House Speaker on Friday.

Gayle King continued: “Tuesday, the debate between the two of them, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. You earlier suggested that you didn’t think Biden should debate. Do you still feel that way?”

“The president has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually, in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States,” Nancy Pelosi responded.

“He and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy. Why bother? He isn’t committed to our Constitution,” Pelosi said.

“But Speaker Pelosi, here’s the problem. Your language, to some, is just as egregious as what they’re saying, by calling the president’s people ‘henchmen.’ Some could say that’s just as insulting as what he’s saying about you,” King said.

“Well, I don’t care what he says about me,” Pelosi responded. “Every knock from him is a boost for me. If he wants to help me raise money, he can keep knocking me.”

The exchange caused many reactions on social media, prompting King’s name to trend on Twitter Saturday morning. Black Lives Matter activist Talbert Swan defended Pelosi’s use of the word “henchmen” in a tweet to King, criticizing the CBS journalist.

“Dear Gayle King, Trump cronies are henchmen. They are prepared to engage in crime, dishonesty, violence, and debauchery to defend the pathological lying, racist, wannabe dictator in the White House. Where the hell have you been for the last 3 1/2 years?” Swan tweeted.

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are slated to debate each other on Tuesday night.

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