General McMaster Refuses To Take The Bait & Criticize Trump On Morning Joe, Does The Opposite Instead

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Scarborough and his crew tried their best to get General HR McMaster to criticize President Trump but he just wouldn’t take the bait.

In fact in the video from the interview, which President Trump tweeted, McMaster praises Trump on how he handled Russia.

The context of this clip was Trump choosing not to answer a question on Putin’s government poisoning Alexei Navalny.

Scarborough was trying to get McMaster to criticize the President for it, and the reason the video cut off where it did is because Scarborough cut McMaster off and tried again to get him to criticize Trump.

In another part of the interview, when the issue of China was brought up, McMaster actually credited Trump for taking China seriously when previous administrations would not.

If you keep watching that clip you’ll hear Willie Geist ask McMaster, on the issue that Russia and China considers America to be weak, how much Trump has contributed to that.

But once again McMaster won’t do that, noting that none of that started with Trump.

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