George Lopez Claims ICE Should Deport Barron Trump And Trump’s Other ‘Anchor Babies’

Comedian George Lopez went after President Trump’s children again. Specifically, Barron. The left loves to go after the poor kid for some reason, and while it is true that a few conservatives went after Chelsea Clinton, most respected the Obama kids.

It is fair to say that Barron Trump deserves the same at least.

The Daily Mail reported that Comedian George Lopez has declared all of President Trump’s children as fair game – including 13-year-old Barron – after he labeled the minor an ‘anchor baby’ born to an immigrant mom.

The 58-year-old comedian posted an image to Instagram showing the teen son of President Trump alongside First Lady Melania with sombrero hats superimposed on.

Above them he posted a picture of three of President Trump’s older children – Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. – with their mother Ivana.

Both Ivana and Melania have ‘immigrant’ written below their image while the children are labeled as ‘anchor babies’.

That term is said to refer to a child being born to a non U.S. citizen mother where birthright citizenship is offered.

Comedian George Lopez captioned the image: ‘Uh , @icegov “ if your listening “ you can find these immigrants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave – Signed Enrique Enpanada the third #vivalaraza #45melapela.’

The picture is accompanied with Mariachi music.

When reporters questioned him about the post in New York, Lopez defended bringing Trump’s children into the immigration debate.

When asked if it ‘was fair’ to put Barron in the post Lopez just laughed and replied: ‘Why? Is it fair to put kids in cages? They’re kids.

‘Let’s go to ancestry.com and 23andMe. Everyone is swabbing the inside of their mouths to find out where they came from.’

‘And you know what we can all agree on? Is that nobody is from here. Immigration has always been a problem and it will continue to be a problem but only targeting Latinos is not good.’

When asked if President Trump deserved some credit at his handling of the increasing tensions with Iran Lopez hit back: ‘Almost bombing for shooting down a drone? I hope this airs before he ends the world.’

President Trump’s first wife Ivana became a U.S. citizen in 1988 – after her children with the now president were born. For Melania it was 2006, the same year little Barron was born, but it is not clear in what month.

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