Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler Rips Romney For Stabbing Trump In The Back, Claims He “Wants To Appease The Left”

On Monday, Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler took to Twitter and ripped Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s recent remarks on the impeachment trial in which he expressed that he’s open to calling Bolton to testify in front of the Senate.

Loeffler sounded off on Mitt Romney, saying that he “wants to appease the left by calling witnesses,” while adding,”The circus is over. It’s time to move on!”

“After 2 weeks, it’s clear that Democrats have no case for impeachment. Sadly, my colleague @SenatorRomney wants to appease the left by calling witnesses who will slander the @realDonaldTrump during their 15 minutes of fame. The circus is over. It’s time to move on!” Kelly Loeffler posted.

Mitt Romney was also joined by Susan Collins, a moderate Republican Senator from Maine who stated that Bolton’s book reports will strengthen the case for witnesses.

“The reports about John Bolton’s book strengthen the case for witnesses and have prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues,” Collins said.

Loeffler, previously a financial executive, was chosen by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp after months of review, as the Daily Caller reported.

Kelly Loeffler pledged to enter office with a staunchly conservative platform.

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