Geraldo Rivera On AG Barr’s ‘Bombshell’: Comey, Brennan & Clapper Should Be ‘Shaking In Their Boots’ Right Now

Geraldo Rivera thinks Attorney General Barr’s latest remarks on the origin of Mueller’s investigation should have some former officials “quaking” in their boots.

The Fox News correspondent appeared on “Fox & Friends” and spoke about AG Barr’s “bombshell” statement on Friday that “things are just not jiving” in Robert Mueller’s probe, noting that former FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA chief John Brennan are probably terrified of what may be uncovered.

As previously reported, in an interview with CBS News AG William Barr accused the mainstream media of being uninterested in finding out about the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, and of shirking their duty as watchdogs for the public.

“Some of the facts that I’ve learned don’t hang together with the official explanations of what happened,” Barr told CBS News. “Things are just not jiving.”

“What you just heard is a bombshell,” Geraldo Rivera stated on Friday morning.

“If I were James Comey right now or James Clapper right now or John Brennan right now, I would be quaking in my boots. Why? Because the attorney general of the United States has set his target on you,” he said.

“He wants to know why you started this counterintelligence investigation of the Trump candidacy,” Rivera added. “How long did you sustain that investigation of the Trump candidacy, the Trump transition, the Trump Administration? What tools were employed? What foreign assets were employed? What spies indeed were employed to, for you to have this investigation of the president into whether or not the president of the United States was a spy? Was a Russian asset, was a traitor to his nation?”

Rivera’s litany of questions was followed by the conclusion that, “This is big stuff.”

AG Barr’s comments “should send ripples of fear and apprehension” to Clapper, Comey, and Brennan,” he claimed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if their document shredders weren’t going overtime.”

Barr’s interview followed a rare public statement from Robert Mueller on Wednesday acknowledging his resignation and reiterating the findings of his report which only served to stoke the fire for those calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

Rivera fired off another round of questions that Attorney General William Barr is likely wanting answers to.

“The attorney general wants to know why you started this investigation into President Trump, why you sustained this investigation against President Trump. Why didn’t you tell the president of the United States what you knew to a reasonable certainty that there was no collusion with the Russians?” Rivera asked.

“Why didn’t you tell the president then? Why did you treat the president of the United States as an enemy of the state?” Rivera demanded.

He also called out the mainstream media for playing down the importance of AG Barr’s questions, blasting the liberal media’s characterization of the new investigation as routine. “B.S. This is big stuff!” he exclaimed. “Why? Because they did something fundamentally suspect.”

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