Graham Claims It Is ‘Clear’ That Mueller ‘Wasn’t In Charge’ Of The Probe & President Trump Is ‘Stronger’ After Testimony

Sen. Lindsey Graham claimed that he isn’t sure that former Special Counsel Mueller was “in charge” of the investigation.

On Wednesday, Robert Mueller appeared before two House committees to testify about his 448-page final report into President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russian meddling.

Responding to the former Special Counsel’s testimony, Lindsey Graham told Fox News on Wednesday that he believes “after today, the Mueller report is in name only.”

“It clearly wasn’t the Mueller report,” he added. “It’s just a name. I had more to do with the Mueller report than probably he did.”

“People around Bob Mueller knew he was in a weakened state. This guy served in Vietnam, got wounded, done a lot of great things for the country. He should have not of been called. […] The hatred for Trump know’s no boundaries. They used this man.” He said.

The Republican lawmaker stated that after the hearings, “Donald Trump is stronger tonight than any time in his presidency.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Lindsey Graham, claimed that it was very “clear” that Robert Mueller “was not in charge” of the probe.

“After today’s hearing — and for the good of the country — I hope this is the end of the [Mueller Report],” Senator. Graham tweeted following Wednesday’s hearings.

“Now it’s time to find out how this debacle started and went so far.” He added.

Sen. Graham’s call to find out the origin of Robert Mueller’s probe echoes House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins’ remark in his opening statement during the committee’s hearing with the former special counsel.

“One element of this story remains: the beginnings of the FBI investigation into the president,” Collins previously claimed.

However, the former special counsel’s testimony didn’t stop the House Democrats to continue pressing forward with investigations into President Trump.

While congressional Democrats labeled the hearings a “great victory,” President Trump said. “The Democrats had nothing.”

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