Grieving Angel Mother Who Lost Here Only Son Slams California Governor On Illegal Immigration

Agnes Gibboney, a mother whose only son was killed by an illegal immigrant, called on Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California to start protecting his people from the dangers of illegal immigration.

On Tuesday, Gibboney appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss Newsom’s proposal to invest in El Salvador as a way of curbing the immigration crisis.

“California has a lot of issues. We have the worst quality of life, inflation is really high. Taxes. We have the worst schools, the worst roads,” she said

“[Newsom] ought to focus on economic growth in California. Stop giving health care to illegal aliens and free tuition, where our children have to pay full price. This is outrage. He ought to be focusing on what’s happening in our state not another country. It’s not his job to be doing that.”

CBS Los Angeles reported that, Gibboney’s son, Ronald Da Silva, was shot and killed in April of 2002 in El Monte by Luis Gonzales, illegal immigrant gang member.

Agnes Gibboney stated that she doesn’t trust California’s state government and claimed that it is more interested in protecting illegal immigrants than American citizens.

“I have no respect for the California government because they let me down. They protect criminal illegal aliens,” Gibboney said.

“They are not protecting my family. Where was my son’s sanctuary? Where is my sanctuary. And to let everyone know the individual that murdered my son will be released from prison in the state of California next year in February. This is an outrage. We need to protect our own, not criminals and not illegals that are costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars a year.”

Gibboney’s family legally immigrated to America from Hungary and said illegal immigration must be stopped as soon as possible.

“My family legally immigrated here. We came here not through marriage, not through jumping over a fence, not over staying a Visa. We came on our own merit,” she said. “My father had a job contract. We followed the law. And I expect everyone that wants to come to our country — this is my home, my country and I expect everyone to do the same — to follow the law. And we need to shut down the border, do whatever it takes to stop this invasion into our country.”

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