“Guns Save Lives” – 2nd Amendment Activists Heckle Mike Bloomberg During His VA Rally

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was heckled by a group of pro-Second Amendment activists at a campaign event early Saturday night.

Midway into Bloomberg’s comments, one protester yelled, “You’re f—ing fascist! … You’re a racist!” The crowd began to boo the heckler and chant, “We like Mike.”

The group of protesters, some of whom were wearing “guns save lives” stickers, began chanting “guns save lives” as security pushed them out of the premises, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

Bloomberg, who helped spearhead support for Virginia Democrats who promised to pass gun control legislation in the commonwealth this year, boasted about helping the state legislature turn blue.

“I’ve been to Virginia more than anywhere else … I have been involved in Virginia politics since long before I became a presidential candidate. In 2013, I was a big supporter of Terry McAuliffe,” Bloomberg said.

He also referenced the violent 2017 Charlottesville protests, saying, “Of course, Virginia had to grapple with its past while Terry was in office.”

“In 2017, 2018, and 2019, we were fighting against the hate displayed in Charlottesville,” he said.

“Last year, in more than 25 years, all that work paid off, and Democrats took control of both chambers [of the Virginia state house],” he added.

You can watch the video of the the pro-Second Amendment activist on THIS LINK, and bellow you can watch him being escorted away from the audience.

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