Hannity Confirms Heartbreaking Rumor About His Marriage Of 20 Years To Jill Rhodes

Fox News host Sean Hannity just confirmed a heartbreaking rumor that had been circulating in media circles for almost a year.

Sean Hannity confirmed that he and his wife, Jill Rhodes, have divorced after more than 20 years of marriage.

He also credited his wife, a former journalist, for being the brains behind his success. They were married in 1993 and have two children – Patrick and Merri Kelly.

Page Six reported that friends of the former couple say they have been legally divorced for more than a year and separated many years prior to that, but kept it under wraps.

Rumors of a split were floating around prior to the pandemic as Rhodes was not seen at various Fox News events alongside Hannity.

When asked for comment, Hannity and Rhodes issued a joint statement to Page Six, which reads, “Sean and Jill are committed to working together for the best interests of their children. Amicable agreements were entered into over four years ago between Sean and Jill.”

“They maintain a close relationship as parents to their children. Neither will have any further comments and ask for the sake of their children that their privacy be respected.”

One friend of the former couple, who lived together on Long Island, said their split “is very amicable. Sean and Jill remain on very good terms and still have family dinners, and attend tennis tournaments for their children. Sean is still close with members of Jill’s family.”

The friend said neither Hannity — the host of “Hannity” on Fox News and of the nationally syndicated talk radio show “The Sean Hannity Show” — nor Rhodes were involved with other people and that “Sean is basically a workaholic.”

Hannity also dedicated his first book, “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism,” to Rhodes in 2002.

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