“Hey Juan…” – Watters Unloads On Williams After He Spoiled “Positivity” Segment With His Toxic Partisan Talk

Fox News’ Juan Williams “ruined” another positive discussion on “The Five” after he mocked President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

A video from FNC’s “The Five” shows Williams continuing the otherwise positive discussion by talking about all the heroic “doctors on the front lines.”

However, he quickly switched to suggesting that Trump’s willingness to offer one-time subsidies and assistance during this dire hour of need invalidates his and the Republican Party’s case against socialism.

“A lot of the politicians in the country realize you’ve got to kiss up to the government right now, to President Trump and others at the CDC and the rest, in order to get attention at a critical moment. And I think it’s important to understand how that relationship of those very key gears can work,” he says.

“But when you talk about giving out money, when you talk about bailouts for big business, gee, I think this was the party that was running against socialism, running against Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders just a few minutes ago.”

Annoyed by Williams’ hijacking of the segment, co-host Jesse Watters quickly interjects to request that he stop acting like a veritable bonehead.

“Hey Juan, with all due respect, and I say this with all due respect, you’re really misreading the room,” he says. “You’re misreading the country.”

“We’re doing a segment about the positivity of Americans coming together from all walks of life, from the private sector to the public sector, from everyone, and you keep on ruining it, so maybe think about that after the commercial break and try to be a little more positive, Juan. Try to be a little more positive in a time when the country really needs positivity!”

And instead of admitting fault, Williams says the following right before the show goes to commercial: “I think you should go listen to some of the Trump rallies.”

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