Hillary Clinton Gets Her Revenge: Calls Democrat Voters Suckers, Stabs Bernie Sanders In Back

As it became obvious, the Democrats are facing a dilemma – establishment candidate or outsider. They faced the same choice in 2016 as did the GOP.

America is fed up with the establishment selling us out – Ex-President Obama was an outsider who sold us that he was going to fix the system but he was just more of the same.

So it wasn’t a surprise in 2016 that America overwhelming elected President Trump as a change agent and turned it’s backs on establishment stooges like Hillary Clinton.

It seems that Hillary is still bitter and is taking out her revenge. She has a new documentary out in which she trashes Bernie Sanders from top to bottom but as per usual, with her arrogant self, she takes a vicious and petty shot at Dem voters calling them ‘suckers’ – “It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Axios reported that Hillary Clinton makes her feelings clear about Sen. Bernie Sanders in a new documentary about her career, saying that “nobody likes him” and “nobody wants to work with him,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

Driving the news: In an interview with the outlet about Hulu’s forthcoming “Hillary,” the former secretary of state didn’t let up about her 2016 primary opponent, refusing to commit to endorse and campaign for the Vermont senator should he win the Democratic nomination this cycle.

She goes even further in the documentary, claiming that Bernie Sanders “got nothing done,” and calling him “a career politician.”

“It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it,” she added.

On possibly endorsing Bernie Sanders, she said: “I’m not going to go there yet. We’re still in a very vigorous primary season. I will say, however, that it’s not only him, it’s the culture around him. It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women.”

“And I really hope people are paying attention to that because it should be worrisome that he has permitted this culture — not only permitted, [he] seems to really be very much supporting it.”

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