Hillary Clinton Gets Torched After Saying Trump “Hijacked” Christianity & BLM Aren’t “Rioters”

Hillary Clinton said that violent looters and rioters are a “tiny, tiny minority” of the Black Lives Matter movement and accused President Trump of trying to “hijack Christianity” in a soft-ball interview with British news broadcaster Kay Burley.

The supposedly impartial Sky News broadcaster, who at one point in the interview said she “wanted to come over and give [Mrs. Clinton] a hug” after spotting her at a restaurant following her 2016 election defeat, led the former Senator and Secretary of State by saying she wanted to ask her “specifically” about “the fact” that President Trump “used tear gas on the protesters” outside St. John’s Episcopal Church.

“They were totally peaceful protesters!” waxed the former First Lady enthusiastically.

Neither Mrs. Clinton nor Burley mentioned that BLM activists had earlier set the historic church on fire, or the fact, in any case, the police long ago made it clear that no tear gas was used during the incident, despite inaccurate media reports asserting that it was.

“What [President Trump] was trying to do [at the church], as he often does, is to mischaracterize [Black Lives Matter supporters] and their behavior and their goals and lump them in with a tiny, tiny minority of people who took advantage of a tragic moment to loot, and to steal, and to vandalize — a tiny, tiny percentage,” Mrs. Clinton insisted.

“[President Trump] wanted to cast that [criminality] over the millions of, you know, very thoughtful, non-violent, peaceful protesters.”

“For a photo opportunity,” Burley chipped in.

“Well, absolutely!” replied Hillary Clinton, warming to the theme the British broadcaster had offered her.

“For a photo opportunity holding a book he’s never read,” she added.

“He says that it’s one of his favorite books,” replied Burley.

“Yes, and he can’t tell you a single thing that’s in it, that has been a pattern, he’s tried to hijack, uh, Christianity and the Bible in ways that are, you know, deeply hypocritical, and that was just another occasion,” Clinton replied.

Hillary got immediately torched by Americans and Brits who are sick and tired of hearing the leftwing lies.

“Hillary mocked Trump’s faith saying he ‘can’t tell you a single thing’ in the Bible and that he’s ‘hijacking Christianity.’ Where does the Bible say it’s ok to attack your husband’s sex assault accusers? Which verse is: ‘We came, we saw, he died’?” tweeted Alex Marlow.

“It’s a good thing we all stocked up on a years worth of toilet paper due to this plandemic! Might need a few rolls to wipe up after this!” tweeted Jill Pearcy.

“Kay Burley is a rude left-wing UK Sky presenter, gives most on the right a hard time in interviews, yet she gave this ghastly gargoyle every chance to trash Trump. Between them they sounded like a gaggle of witches round the cauldren, despicable women!” tweeted Secret Stranger UK.

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