Hillary Clinton Shames The U.S. – Calls Protesting Trump Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Hillary Clinton presented herself as a national disgrace and proved that she is arrogant and a hypocrite which is about as bad a combination as a person can have.

She has zero credibility and most two-time political losers have enough sense to go away and leave the spotlight to the next crew. Bit not Hillary and if she keeps it up she will help Trump win reelection.

The Hill reported that Hillary Clinton is condemning armed protests calling for the end to stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, calling the demonstrations “domestic terrorism.”

“Armed men storming a legislature to disrupt its democratic proceedings is domestic terrorism. It cannot be tolerated,” Clinton tweeted Friday.

Her tweet included a link to an article by Newsweek about Michigan choosing to close down its Capitol and cancel its legislative session after armed protests and death threats to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

On Thursday, armed protesters had gathered outside the state Capitol for planned “judgment day” demonstrations against the state’s stay-at-home order, which opponents have demanded be lifted businesses and the economy suffer during the pandemic.

Around 200 protesters turned out for Thursday’s event, where one demonstrator was seen carrying an American flag with a doll hanging by a noose. The event mirrored a similar protest at the end of April, during which hundreds of protesters — many armed with rifles — entered the Capitol.

One man is reportedly facing charges over death threats to Whitmer, and Newsweek reports there have been posts online calling to lynch her as well as suggestions to crowdfund for a hitman.

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