“Hire Her As Campaign Manager” Celebs Can’t Gush Enough About Monique’s “He Don’t Need Us” Message

Though only 8 percent of black voters chose President Trump during the 2016 presidential election, he’s been outspoken in his support for this community throughout his time in office.

According to Monique Worthy, a former 2020 Republican congressional candidate for Texas’s 13th Congressional District, it’s because “he legitimately cares.”

“Is Donald Trump really a racist? Naw, I can’t say that he is,” the video began with Worthy asking. “I ain’t never heard of him being racist prior to him running to be president. But that’s just me, though.”

“I mean, because any two ways you look at it, the man won his presidency without the black vote. What he need it for? What he need us for? Tell me what he need me for. He don’t need me. But for some reason, he always get up on that stage talking about how low black unemployment is,” she explained.

“He don’t need to do that. He just do it because he legitimately cares. You never heard Obama get on stage and talk about black unemployment. He couldn’t, because for the first two years we had a Democrat Congress, it doubled.”

“Black unemployment under Barack Obama doubled. How many of ya’ll know that? It doubled. It literally doubled. It went from eight percent to 16 percent. How do you get around that, no media say anything about that?” Worthy continued.

It’s true that black unemployment doubled from 8 percent in early 2009 to roughly 16 percent by 2010. By 2012, however, black unemployment gradually began to decline, til it reached about 7.5 percent when Trump took office.

Three years later, by the start of 2020, black unemployment had collapsed to a record low of 5.5 percent under the president’s leadership. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, it skyrocketed this past spring but is finally beginning to trend downward again.

“Like I said, he don’t need us. He does not need the black vote. The black vote didn’t put him in office, the black vote ain’t gonna take him out of office. But the fact that he gets up there on them stages every chance he get, and tells us how we are doing,” Worthy continued.

“Because we … I ain’t gon’ say that, we too crazy to realize it ourselves, you know what I’m saying? He ain’t got to do that. He ain’t got to get up there when he was running for president, talking about, ‘What do you have to lose? Vote for me!’”

“You know, it’s some smart folks out there that happen to be darker skin like me. Mmm-hmmm. You just gotta find them. See a lot of them scared to say something because they scared somebody gon’ say something back to them,” she said.

“Me, umma step. Wasup? You got something to say about Donald Trump? What? I ain’t got no MAGA hat. My damn head too damn big to try to wear a MAGA hat, so I can’t wear no MAGA hat. But I got a MAGA sweater that I wear. I wore it to work, and nobody said nothing. I’m a big ol’ b—h. They betta not say nothing,” she concluded.

Listen (*Language warning):

Many Pro-Trump celebrities praised the woman on social media and shared her video with their followers.

Other social media users also praised her and showed their support for the video.

How does she feel about the feedback? She just feels joy at knowing that, assuming President Trump has been paying attention to Twitter, he now knows her face.

If the president also reads News Metropolis, he also now knows her name: Monique Worthy. #SayHerName

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