Hirono Drops Pro-Life Bill, Makes ‘Disgusting’ Claims That Congress Must Focus On Children Who Are ‘Here Already’

On Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) caught some heat on social media after saying during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in regards to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that Congress should focus on “children who are very much here already.”

During a hearing of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono went after pro-life legislation “supporters” at the federal and state levels, claiming that “the word ‘hypocritical’ doesn’t even begin to cover what has been happening to women and children across our country.”

Hirono said that she hoped the bill’s political proponents would turn their focus to the children “here already.”

“I hope that supporters of [the] bills we are talking about today — both in the states and in Congress — turn their efforts to improving the lives of the children who are very much here already and who are so poorly served by the Trump administration and his policies,” Hirono said.

Folks on Twitter weren’t that happy with her comments.

Pro-life supporters were outrage by Hirono’s remarks. Liz Wheeler of OANN torching the Hawaii Democrat’s words as “disgusting.”

“How did these alleged poorly served children get so far down the rung of the ladder prior to Trump? This is a smear job in one short paragraph. We all know the facts about abortion and she and her colleagues want to keep killing under an agenda. Everything is Trumps fault. 1/1” said a tweet.

“As if we cannot simultaneously focus on the condition of America’s born children and the fate of unborn children-equally deserving of a life and quality of life? This is an absurd and disturbing comment deserving of retraction.” said another tweet.

If passed and enacted, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would make it illegal for an abortion to be performed on a fetus after 20 or more weeks post-fertilization. No Democrats co-sponsored the bill.

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